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16D of Untouched Indonesia

Posted by on Dec 3, 2018 in Overland Tour | Comments Off on 16D of Untouched Indonesia

Join our 16D of Untouched Indonesia, and set your foot in an entirely new world. Including a visit to the orangutans, ancient stone grave in Toraja, and seeing the daily life of an indigenous tribe in Papua. Prepare to travel deep into the jungle and get a trip that will awe you all along! Route : Pangkalan Bun – Banjarmasin – Makassar – Toraja – Wamena – Baliem Valley Highlights : Tanjung Puting National Park, Dayak Tribe Village in Loksado, Banjarmasin floating market, Tana Toraja ancient stone grave, Dani Tribe in Baliem Valley, Mock Dance by Dani Tribe (only held during Baliem Festival in early August)   Day 1     Pangkalan Bun –...

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3D2N Tanjung Puting Orangutan’s Sanctuary (Borneo)

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Meet the loveliest wild creature with our 3D2N Tanjung Puting tour. In this national park, you can see how the orangutans live closely. And with a 2 nights overnight on boat, you will definitely enjoy finding a sunbathing crocodiles during the day (or jumping proboscis monkeys), and sleeping under the stars with the fireflies at night. Route : Pangkalan Bun – Kumai – Tanjung Puting National Park – Kumai – Pangkalan Bun Highlights : Being up close with the endangered orangutans in their natural habitat, spend the nights on a boat (don’t worry, clean water is provided) Day 1   Pangkalan Bun – Kumai – Tanjung Harapan (D) We will...

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